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Sinclair computers

Of course that pages about Sinclair computers must exist in a Website about Timex computers since Timex computers were developed from Sinclair computers. TS1000 is a ZX81 clone, but TS1500 is an evolution of ZX81. Even TS2068 is an evolution of ZX Spectrum, not a direct clone. Sinclair computers where made and sold by Sinclair Researsh Ldt owned by Sir Clive Sinclair until the launch of ZX Spectrum 128K+ and Sinclair QL. Later models were released by Amstrad, which buyed the Sinclair computer copyrights from Sinclair Research Ldt.

Sinclair computers:

MK14 - the first computer sold as a kit;
ZX 80 - the first of the ZX line, 4K ROM, 1K RAM;
ZX81 - a better ZX80, 8K ROM, 1K RAM;
ZX Spectrum - the star of the ZX line, 16K ROM, 48K RAM and colors!
ZX Spectrum Plus - same as ZX Spectrum, but with new case and keyboard;
ZX Spectrum 128K Plus - Expanded ZX Spectrum Plus: 32K ROM, 128K RAM, AY sound chip, RS232, Keypad, RGB monitor and two joysticks;
LOKI - the sucessor of the 128K Plus (prototype);
Sinclair QL - a new computer, not compatible with ZX Spectrum.

The following ones are made by Amstrad, witch buyed the rights of Sinclair computers.

ZX Spectrum 128K Plus 2 - Same as 128K, but with built-in tape recorder;
ZX Spectrum 128K Plus 3 - like Plus 2 but the tape recorder was replaced by a 3" disk drive, new ROMs (64K) to work with the disk drive and with the new centronics printer port. Less compatible with original 128K because of the new ROMs.
ZX Spectrum 128K Plus 2A/B - This one have the Plus 3 ROMs, but the disk drive was replaced by a tape recorder. This was the last model of the ZX computer line.

Sinclair PC200 - A Amiga like computer case, but it is a IBM PC XT clone: a 8086 running at 8MHz, 512K RAM and a DSDD disk drive.
Amstrad sold the same computer under the name Amstrad, but it a white case, the Amstrad PC20.
Sinclair PC500 - This one is a Amstrad PC1512 computer. Only the Amstrad logo and model logos were changed.

The next computer is not a IBM PC clone or ZX Spectrum compatible, nor built by Sinclair Research Ldt. or Amstrad, but it was created by Sir Clive Sinclair:

Z88 - Portable handheld computer.

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