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Sinclair ZX Spectrum
128K Plus

This was the last ZX Spectrum model launced by Sinclair Research (February 1986).
This new machine was not developed in Great Britain, but by Investronica in Madrid, Spain, but a lot of the work has been done by Sinclair's Metalab. The 128K Speccy was designed to sell in Spain and Mexico.
This computer is two computers in one: it can work as a Spectrum Plus (48 BASIC) or work in 128K mode (128 BASIC).
The 128 BASIC mode have lots of advantages against the Spectrum Plus mode: 128K RAM, paged in 16K chunks (if you type in 128K BASIC: USR 0 you will go to 48K mode with access to the 128K RAM); advanced Basic editor; RS232 communications port; optional keypad for use in 128K mode, provides calculator and screen editing keys; 3 channels AY-3-8912 sound chip; RAM disk and MIDI interface. The 128K Spectrum can use a video composite or an RGB monitor. The 128K Spectrum edge connector is compatible with the 48K Spectrum edge connector, so the 128K Spectrum can use all the 48K Spectrum peripherals. 128K Spectrum have a start menu with options:

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Tape Loader: with this option you donīt need to go to the 128 BASIC or 48 BASIC modes to load a program.

128 BASIC: this is the new mode

Calculator: in this option the 128K Spectrum works like a calculator

48 BASIC: this is the Spectrum Plus mode. If a program doesn't work in 128 BASIC, it can be loaded in 48 BASIC.

Tape Tester: A ROM program to test tape recorder volume.


-Zilog Z80A running at 3.5Mhz

-128K. Paged in 16K chunks.

-Cassete tapes at 1200 baud.
-Microdrives (100K) with Interface 1 (optional)
-RAM disk

-16K ZX colour BASIC
-16K 128 Basic

-Text 32x22 16 colors
-Graphics 256x192. Color resolution is 32x22x16
-3 channels AY-3-8912 chip

-Expansion connector
-TV Modulator
-Reset button
-RGB/composite monitor

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