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Sinclair peripherals

Here will only be the peripherals made by Sinclair Research, Ldt. made to the ZX Spectrum. The Sinclair QL peripherals will not be listed in this site since the QL follows another hardware structure.

Sinclair peripherals:

ZX Printer - kind of thermal printer, it burned a special metalized paper. Compatible with all the ZX line;
ZX Interface 1 - the most wanted Sinclair interface, it added a RS232 port, a network and the microdrives controller;
ZX Microdrives - very fast tape storage unit, it uses a cartridge with a tape loop. Can storage up to 90K of data.
ZX Interface 2 - adds two joysticks ports and a cartridge ROM port.
Sinclair Light Gun - light gun to play games with support to it. Connects to the AUX port on Plus 3 and Plus 2A/B.

[ZX Printer] [ZX Interface 1] [ZX Microdrives] [ZX Interface 2] [Sinclair light gun]